Amazing Houses: Villa Zhukovka in Moscow, Russia designed by Fedorova Architects

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Zhukovka Country House is a luxury villa located on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia designed by Russian architect Alexandra Fedorova / Fedorova Architects.

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The country #house is located in the #Moscow suburb in a picturesque place among pine trees. The house consists of two parts: the main house and the garage block, which includes a room for staff accommodation and a musical studio. The two buildings are connected with an overhead construction. Its architectural purpose is to create a solemnly looking “portal” near the main entrance, while dividing the area into different zones. The house has a reinforced concrete framework and brick filled walls. The facades are finished with wood and porcelain stoneware.

Design: Fedorova Architects
Location: Moscow, #Russia
Credits: Ilya Ivanov
Built area: 1250 m²
Site area: 4000 m²
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